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About LA.DEE.DA 
LA.DEE.DA is a creative endeavor to expose the small details that make New York City fascinating, and transpose them into unique works of art.  New York City is displayed in its raw form.  The abstract and bold acrylic paintings focus on actual designs found in New York City and are profoundly influenced by the environment. 

LA.DEE.DA aims to offer us a new way to think of the city amidst the organized chaos.  The decor is meant to bring character to any space. The name, LA.DEE.DA, is a combination of Layla and her sisters' names: Layla (LA), Nadia (DEE), and Neda (DA).


Layla Jafar Lisiewski
As a New York based artist, Layla challenges conventional artistic boundaries with her distinct ability to probe her urban surroundings in search of inspirational designs.  She synthesizes these elements into a visual language. 

Layla was born to Cherie and Jafar Jafar and raised in Connecticut.  After graduating from Brown University in 2006, she jumped at the opportunity to move to New York City and pursue her love of painting inspired by her love of the city.

She believes that in order to fully appreciate something, you have to first understand all the little pieces that surround it.  Her attention to detail and relentless curiosity results in a pool of inspiration.  Layla enjoys living in the present and seizes the moment to generate new works and new styles of working.